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Aravaipa with AZH 2010 1203-05
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Your view when you hit the creek. Michelle and Ambika ahead.
Viewed: 427 times.
a nice big creek crossing. Michelle, Ambika, Derek and Tom.
Viewed: 260 times.
Michelle, Tom and Derek making their way up the side of the creek. We have plenty of times to get our feet wet so keeping them out of the water once in awhile is not so bad during this time of year.
Viewed: 319 times.
The only pic I have where Tom (Derek called him "the collie") is at the back. Derek is there too. Michelle and Ambika are ahead in the creek.
Viewed: 304 times.
Let's see. In the lead is Ambika, then Derek and Tom, then Michelle (on a first backpack in a long time)
Viewed: 285 times.
Viewed: 281 times.
Derek says he tried to keep up with Tom but decided he would wait for us to catch up. Derek's pace is hiking at a pretty good pace, then take it easy for a few minutes and then onward. I liked it... I think.
Viewed: 256 times.
A different kind of rainbow.
Viewed: 295 times.
Derek in front of the rainbow of colors.
Viewed: 315 times.
Derek talking with Ambika and Michelle
Viewed: 283 times.
Michelle making her way in the rocky dry overflow creek bed.
Viewed: 316 times.
Derek eyeing a better spot to take a picture looking up the creek.
Viewed: 290 times.
Ambika looking back at where Derek had made his way up and over to.
Viewed: 263 times.
What some photographers won't do to get in a position to compose the perfect scene for their camera lens. That is where Derek ended up. Ambika and I decided to stay on lower ground.
Viewed: 312 times.
Look at that! Wow, what a beauty... both the saguaro and the heron.
Viewed: 286 times.
Derek making his way toward the Narrows. This is such a cool area.
Viewed: 236 times.
Michelle coming up the Narrows. You can see she's been a little deeper in the water.
Viewed: 245 times.
All of us pulled out our tripods to try and make the most of this most incredible scene. We now call this the "Golden Bend".
Viewed: 292 times.
Derek didn't haul a lot of water so he had lots of practice using his filter.
Viewed: 230 times.
Derek walking and gawking looking for that next photo op.
Viewed: 253 times.
The area around The Stripe is so cool. Here you have it all... flowing water, big boulders, fall-colored trees and different color and texture canyon walls.*
Viewed: 233 times.
Maneuvering our way around and under a tree and across and thru the creek. (Derek ahead, Michelle across, Ambika getting ready to cross).*
Viewed: 294 times.
Derek and Ambika.
Viewed: 332 times.
Ambika and Derek. Sometimes the lighting was just not the best.
Viewed: 305 times.
We are very near our camp and Virgus Canyon. Time to look back at where we came.
Viewed: 323 times.
Oh Ambika's having some fun now!*
Viewed: 306 times.
Ambika still smiling. *
Viewed: 241 times.
This is where Elizabeth and Matt caught up to us as they had a later start.
Viewed: 365 times.
Michelle at our last rest stop before getting to camp.
Viewed: 317 times.
Michelle looking back at the view we just came through.
Viewed: 277 times.
Dry feet, nice campfire... life is good at Aravaipa.
Viewed: 312 times.
Ambika and Derek engaged in campfire conversation.
Viewed: 281 times.
Tom and Elizabeth reacting to something Derek said I'm sure.
Viewed: 282 times.
Such a lovely campground. This is looking west.
Viewed: 241 times.
Day Two. Once again Tom would stay with us for maybe 1/4 mile before he continued on without us. Interesting enuf, we didn't even see him when he came back.
Viewed: 250 times.
No, Tom is not quite ready to walk away from us, just ahead of us a little.
Viewed: 245 times.
Derek crossing the creek to join up with Tom.
Viewed: 235 times.
Ambika looking toward that amazing Cottonwood tree. The boys below (Derek & Tom)
Viewed: 307 times.
What? Tom catching up to Derek?
Viewed: 244 times.
and Ambika catching up to me? what? oh ya, she's in photography mode.
Viewed: 260 times.
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 Gallery: ArizonaHikers Photo Gallery   
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