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Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club   [1654 clicks] :: [-> Add to Favorites]
    Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club  
Hike Arizona .com   [2677 clicks] :: [-> Add to Favorites]
    A valuable resource for Hikers in Arizona. Walkthroughs, maps, photos, discussions - all about Hiking Arizona.  
Horizon Tracking Service LLC   [1237 clicks] :: [-> Add to Favorites]
    Tracking bio For Bob Matthews: Horizon Tracking Service LLC Much of my skill base comes from learning from my father who was a member of the Aberdaire Rangers in Kenya during the Mau-Mau war. “This is a group that was behind the enemy lines for four years with out support they lived off the land.” My main focus now is using my other skill base in the field of backcountry skills instruction. With an emphasis on my most well developed as a Tracker. I have instructed many different groups in the art/skill, As a child I spent all the free time I had to learn from some of the traditional Romany Gypsies that lived in our village; about all the ways England’s countryside would provide for good living. My own history has taken me to different areas of the world to learn more, I tracked with Hugaret Bedouine with the Israeli army taking part in border patrols as part of a tracking team. In 1982 during a visit to Morocco I was invited to travel with Nomadic Tuaregs, we traveled about 1/3rd of the length of the Sahara in South Eastern Morocco, It just coincided with the start of a war during which King Hassan II decided to gain land; this resulted in my traveling group being caught between three different armies, it was a very interesting learning curve to be on. I gained a level of knowledge and experience that is difficult to measure. With breathing being the true certification, standard of success. I have held varied high security clearances, ranging from White house background a Secret service approval in the 1980’s Also helping USFW that included an extensive clearance check. Plus Interpol background check; I attended the Conservation Law Enforcement Association conferences held in Prescott and training seminars. I have assisted different Law enforcement agencies in The USA, absolute Confidentiality is a requirement. My wildlife focused interests: I was hired to guide a team from the Philips organization’s CD rom development program, locating various rattle snakes .for which I have credits on the production team. Also been a wrangler with lizards working on a movie production,” Prey and the sequel Prey again”. As the cofounder of a small zoo in Prescott Arizona I have been involved in many rescues of injured wildlife, during which operations tracking was crucial, to safely locate and catch said animals. It was often a matter of tracking several days after the animal’s plight started. During twenty years of living in Prescott I have provided a rattle snake rescue free of charge, I have volunteered with The AZ Game and Fish in a number of capacities.  
Libre Map Project   [1299 clicks] :: [-> Add to Favorites]
    Libre Map Project: The purpose of the Libre Map Project is to aggregate and make digital maps and related GIS data available for Free.   [1541 clicks] :: [-> Add to Favorites]
    Custom-build a printed topo or aerial photo map. From Beartooth Mapping, Inc.  
Orienteering/Compass Work   [1589 clicks] :: [-> Add to Favorites]
    Deals with all types of orienteering, compass work, direction, etc.  
SwopNet Waypoint DataBank   [1602 clicks] :: [-> Add to Favorites]
    The web's largest collection of GPS waypoints and databases of waypoints.  
Terra Server Imagery   [1625 clicks] :: [-> Add to Favorites]
    These are images of anywhere in the United States. Along with demographics, topo maps, and many other things.   [1514 clicks] :: [-> Add to Favorites]
    TopoZone is the Web's center for recreational and professional topographic map users. Topozone has every USGS 1:100,000, 1:63,360, 1:25,000, and 1:24,000 scale topographic map for the entire United States. - GPS Waypoints   [1857 clicks] :: [-> Add to Favorites]
    Searchable list of waypoints for the state of AZ.  
Wide World of Maps   [1634 clicks] :: [-> Add to Favorites]
    Wide World of Maps is the most complete map store in the Southwest, carrying every U.S.G.S. topographic map for Arizona, along with more than one million other maps, books and related items.