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Lee's Ferry Desert River Crossing by W.L. Rusho

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Queen of the Walkabout

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 Posted: 5/22/2006, 10:11 am

This is a slim, trim volume compared to the huge book by P.T. Reilly. An easy read, informative, but not to the minute detail and full exploration of the cast of characters to populate Lee's Ferry. Lots of nice old photographs, and my favorite part is the last chapter--a " tour guide" complete with numbers and a crude map of where to locate areas/sites of historical interest to Lee's Ferry.
That said this book is complete enough, and goes into some depth where the author feels a personage or event was important to this historical route of travel as the west was being settled. Since you are not overwhelmed with lots of comings and goings of everyone imaginable or detailed study of every event, I found myself wanting to take a trip there with this book and map in hand and view some of these sites. Come cooler weather, I might just do that.
For those not in the know, Lee's Ferry was a ford of the Colorado to allow settlers to cross and travel onto Utah/Arizona and was initially noted by John Wesley Powell and company but was settled and run by John D Lee, and later his widow and others until its demise by the building of the Navajo Bridge near Marble Canyon.
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